Telerisen (Pvt) Ltd is Telecom and construction Engineering Company dully registered with Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and International standard Organization (ISO) and enlisted with a number of Government Departments, Semi Govt Organizations, autonomous Bodies and companies. Besides this Telerisen is immensely proud of having been declared absolutely reliable by the Pakistan Army for undertaking its assignments in FATA. The company was establish in January 2011 and since then has  Provided tremendous services in the fields of telecom engineering and civil works.Telecom Engineering capacity of the company includes transmissions,
RAN, POWER, TI installation, site troubleshooting, solar projects and civil works i.e PAD installation, tower erection, digging, pillar installation and sun shed installation. The ambit of construction engineering of the company includes building construction and maintenance, power works and roads i.e road surveying, road laying and metal ling. Owing to the track record of completed projects, since its establishment, Telerisen has grown into a perfectly efficient organization capable of taking any engineering assignment towards successful completion within the allocated budget and time with uncompromising quality of work...



Welcome to our new website which is aimed at providing a brief overview of our services, operations, strategies, news, and values.


Our mission, at Telerisen, is to build partnership with our clients in the Industries of Telecomand  Civil and provide unmatched timely, cost-effective, and premium quality services.


We continue to support the Telecommunications& Civil Works development in the multiple areas of Pakistan by installing and maintaining new generations of technology, as well as, providing innovative solutions.


We commitment to our customers to provide them the best service in these fields, i.e, Telco,

Non-telco,& Constructions of Building. Everything we do centers on the satisfaction of our customers, and making them more efficient at what they do.


Our distinguished team is committed to enforce our core values that led Telerisento maintain beinga success story:

- Constantenhancement of our services, products, people and performance

- Commitment to honesty and transperancy

- Telerisen team represents our most valuable assest


I would like to seize this opportunity to thank our existing customers for their on-going support, loyalty and commitment to our business and pledgecomparable excellence to our potentially new customers.


Finally, thank you for visiting our website. I’m personally looking forward to working with you and your respective organization to help accomplish your business needs and overcome any challenges.


                                                                                                                                                Best Regards,

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                                                                                                                                             Telerisen (Pvt) Ltd,

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Telerisen(Pvt)Ltd has a dynamic and excellent team of professionals with all its members being experienced in telecom, construction management, project implementation and execution.

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Technical core is strengthened by capable/efficient support administrative staff. Individual experience of Telerisen professionals related to telecom, civil, office management and labor and material supply, accounts, transportation and maintenance work enable company’s members to form the team that is the desired requirement of every type of project.



Absolute harmony, understanding the project priorities close coordination and dedication are among the basic characteristic that Telerisen adhere to during project execution right from commencement till completion and commissioning. Absolute commitment to create absolute satisfaction of the customers is the overriding characteristic of Telerisen(Pvt)Ltd.